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Our rugs are completely handmade, 100% Mexican wool, they are pieces that, due to their elaboration and quality, will last for many years.

However, these care tips will help extend the life of your rug, take them into account!

- Vacuum them regularly on both sides.

- Do not expose it constantly to the sun as this can wear out the color.

- If it is placed in a busy area, we recommend turning/moving it from time to time so as not to cause wear in the same area.

- In case of spillage of any liquid, absorb immediately with a dry cloth, then palpate with  absorbent paper  and place weight on it for a few minutes so that it finishes absorbing completely.

- With neutral soap suds and the help of a cloth or sponge go over the stain

- Cleaning with professional machinery in case of deep stains.

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