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'Ser sagrado en contacto con la naturaleza capaz de controlar las fuerzas de la misma en la tierra, tales como el día, la noche, el viento, la lluvia, el sol y otras condiciones'


Rescuing and extolling the traditional Oaxacan textile culture through direct collaboration with artisans from the Valley of Oaxaca, merging ancient techniques of textile production with contemporary artistic design.


To be the brand of handcrafted textiles focused on interior design with the fairest value proposition on the market, standing out for our high quality standards in design.


Creation of unique and unrepeatable designs

The client and the space are our center in the creative process

Our designs are unique and unrepeatable

We offer customization and versatility in designs

Our motto is   Fair Trade




YE´ii 'A  mediator between humans and their creator. Yeii's  are able to control natural forces in and on the earth, such as day and night, wind, rain, sun and other conditions'


YE'ii is a 100% Mexican brand that was born in  2015 commitment  Stéphanie Moreau as textile designer  to support what is done by hand, to collaborate  with artisans, Mexican teachers creating together unique and personalized pieces.  Boost  the richness of the textile crafts of this country, specifically the  Zapotec, known for its impressive wool fabrics, is definitely your priority.

It is a brand that has focused and specialized in rugs, however we will launch  a couple of complementary products this 2020.

Our motto is "FAIR TRADE", our purpose is to spread the wealth of Oaxacan textile crafts that have been left behind, rescue textile traditions to challenge the avalanche of machine-made products and make you part of a culture in which beauty and functionality continue to coexist.


Our work is collaborative, we have a relationship based on an exchange of knowledge.

Collaborating with artisans is invaluable, they add effort, dedication and knowledge on the subject, which, combined with innovative design proposals, makes a difference in the result.  

The fabric of our rugs is completely handmade, they are made on a pedal loom according to tradition by expert hands and as raw material we use 100% natural wool.

Each of our collections is designed for a conscious consumer.

We want to invite you to enter the universe of Zapotec fabrics, immerse yourself in colors and textures, in a visual, intoxicating and magical festival.





YE´ii it´sa 100% Mexican brand that seeks to reclaim the cultural wealth of this country, specifically the important Zapotec culture, known for its impressive wool fabrics.

We are interested in "FAIR TRADE", we want to spread the wealth of the Oaxacan textile crafts. We want you to become a participant in a culture where beauty and functionality continue to coexist. Additionally, we strive to boost the economy of indigenous communities in the valley of Oaxaca, and help their textile craft prosper.  


The perfect definition of our products is the fusion between tradition and modernity as we bring back ancient textile traditions, defying the flood of machine-made merchandise.


Collaborating with artisans  is an invaluable part of the design process; as they bring a world of effort, dedication and knowledge to the mix. This generates a perfect blend with our innovative design proposals, and makes us proud to deliver original results.  

We produce each of the design rugs with energy and enthusiasm, committing to deliver a quality product, unique and unrepeatable.

The weaving of our rugs is completely handmade, therefore, the delivery time varies for ordering custom mats.

They are woven in pedal loom according to tradition, and as raw material we use 100% wool.

Since they are handmade goods, the color may vary slightly from the image.

Our tapestries will add beautiful accents to your home, your office, your spaces.


We invite you to enter the universe of Zapotec fabrics, and  dive into a visually intoxicating and magical festival of color and textures.  




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